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Get to know Dysania which makes it difficult for someone to wake up early

A person suffering from dysania is difficult to get out of bed even though the alarm has sounded many times. They are not lazy but feel "heavy" to leave the bed, even though it has been awakened since 1 or 2 hours before. Dysania is not a disease, but rather a symptom of certain medical conditions. Dysania will make someone reluctant to get out of bed because they feel tired. Dysania can be caused by a variety of things, and one of them is depression. Various Causes of Dysania Dysania can be a symptom of some of the following medical conditions: 1. Depression Someone who is experiencing depression can experience dysania. This is because when depressed, mood changes often occur, especially feeling sad, losing energy, and fatigue. These things can trigger dysania. 2. Chronic fatigue syndrome Dysania can be a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome. When experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome, a person will still feel tired even though he has rested enough. No wonder if suf
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Stomach Pain Appears Continues, Lest Because of Stress

Frequent abdominal pain when you are anxious or stressed? It turns out that stomach pain can be caused by stress or psychological problems, you know. Stomach aches that arise due to stress can be caused by irritable bowel syndrome. About 60% of patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) also experience psychological disorders. Although the cause is not known with certainty, sufferers of this syndrome are thought to have a large intestine that is more sensitive to stress and certain foods. As a result, they more easily feel complaints of abdominal pain when stressed or anxious. In some cases, complaints of abdominal pain in IBS sufferers can also be accompanied by other digestive disorders, such as diarrhea, constipation, and flatulence. Therefore, to prevent recurrence and relieve stomachaches that arise when stressed, IBS sufferers need to deal with stress well. Learning to Overcome Stress Everyone has their own way to deal with stress, but one thing is certain, do not store

Snoring Baby, Know the Risks and How to Prevent it

Sleeping like a baby is usually equated with a deep and calm sleep. But sometimes, babies also whine, complain, and make sounds like snoring during sleep, which makes parents worried. In fact, baby snoring is a normal thing. Newborns tend to breathe loudly or snore, because the baby's respiratory tract is still narrow and contains mucus. Air passing through the respiratory tract that contains mucus will produce sound vibrations in the respiratory tissue, causing the baby to snore. This is a normal condition. Snoring sounds in babies will disappear when the baby's respiratory tract is fully developed and the baby is able to swallow saliva. However, if the baby snores with other symptoms, it could be a sign of problems with the respiratory tract, such as colds, nasal deformities, or sleep apnea. Troubled Baby Snoring Snoring in infants becomes abnormal if it occurs in infants who are aged six months and over. A baby snoring every day can be a sign of a more serious problem,